Pink eye

Malaika Naseer

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is an infection or irritation that makes the white part of your eye turn pink or red. It can happen when germs like bacteria or viruses get into your eye, or when your eye reacts to things like dust or allergies. This can make your eye feel itchy, watery, and sometimes even produce sticky or crusty stuff.

Currently, the city of Karachi is experiencing a significant increase in cases of Conjunctivitis. Several factors contribute to this surge in Pink Eye cases, including poor sanitation practices, weather conditions, and a lack of preventive measures taken by infected individuals.

Although the recent rise in Conjunctivitis cases may resemble an epidemic, the widespread prevalence of the infection in the city can be primarily attributed to the limited availability of accurate information about this eye condition among the general public. Many people either resort to home remedies or ignore the condition, which can lead to its exacerbation.

Additionally, patients often fail to follow instructions to cover their eyes to prevent the transmission of this contagious infection to others.

On one hand, outpatient departments in healthcare centers and hospitals are crowded with Pink Eye patients seeking medical attention. On the other hand, a significant number of affected individuals are resorting to self-medication for Conjunctivitis by purchasing over-the-counter remedies from pharmacies in Karachi. Pink eye is usually not serious and can be treated with medicine or just by keeping your eye clean and avoiding things that irritate it.
The writer is the student of Department of journalism Punjab University,Lahore.
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