Pink eyes infection

Mahrukh Naeem

Pink eye involves a disease of the translucent layer that shields your eye (known as the conjunctiva). When blood vessels become inflamed, your eye turns red and the overflowing veins are apparent. This might cause your gaze to turn bright red. It may be bothersome for your child, but it is a common ailment. Pink eye can heal on its own in certain circumstances. In a rare circumstances, though, a doctor must be contacted. Your child will be agitated at this time, and it is very advised that he or she not rub their infected eye as this might worsen the redness.
A virus, infection, or allergy can all produce pink eyes. It might be caused to a specific object, dust, or pollen. The red eye might be a response to the chlorine if she/he played in a chlorinated pool. This virus has the potential to spread from person to person. Your child might contract it by contacting an infected person or utilising infected person’s tissue, for example. It can also be transmitted through the use of the infected person’s sunglasses or eyeglasses.
Redness around the eyes
Drops coming from the afflicted eye are more frequent.
Heating sensation in the area of the eye
Itching of the eyes
Eyes have a thick yellowish discharge.
Services and treatment
If your child has bacterial conjunctivitis, it will go away in two weeks. If your kid is really distressed, your doctor may prescribe drugs in the form of an ointment or eye drops to hasten the healing process. If your kid has viral conjunctivitis, follow these steps:
Viral conjunctivitis has no particular therapy. To relieve the itching and burning, your doctor may prescribe medication. When conjunctivitis is caused by a virus, it generally begins in one eye and spreads to the other within three to four days. Many doctors believe that the virus should be allowed to run its course because it normally clears itself in two weeks. If your kid suffers from allergic conjunctivitis, your doctor may prescribe eye drops.
The writer is the student of journalism department Punjab University Lahore.
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